Visual Arts

The Visual Arts in New York State explore and investigate the issues and impressions of our contemporary environment, from real to virtual. NYSCA advances the Visual Arts across a variety of genres, including sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking and photography. From sculpture parks where artists are in dialog with nature, to facilities where new work is researched and developed, to exhibition galleries, VAP supports creativity and imagination – celebrating our living artists today.

Image: Sculpture  Space  Artist  in  Residence  Erica  Ferrari  (Brazil)  at  work, Ithaca, NY.
Program Goals
Assist visual artists in their efforts to create, present and exhibit new work
Interpret the work of contemporary visual artists for the public
Encourage dialogue and critical commentary about the visual arts
Present high-quality contemporary work that expands traditional parameters and reflects the diverse ethnic and cultural profile of the state
Funding Categories
General Operating Support
Exhibitions & Installations
Project Support
Workspace Facilities
Regrants and Partnerships Support

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