From the incisive dramas of Tony Kushner to the wordless clown suites of Bill Irwin and a multitude of other work, NYSCA’s Theatre Program has long supported a wide range of theatrical creativity. The program sustains professional theatre companies with ongoing production and development programs. It also backs service organizations that build and reinforce administrative and institutional skills, provide resources and information, assist in the professional development of artists, and enhance education about and access to theatre for all audiences.

Image: Torn Space Theater’s The Collection, Buffalo, NY. Photo  Credit:  Mark  Duggan.
Program Goals
Sustain and advance classic, contemporary and musical theatre as well as cross-disciplinary experimentation
Encourage performances that reach under-served audiences and constituencies, activities that provide opportunities for diverse artists and administrators, and imaginative approaches to theatre for young audiences
Support the professional development of artists and arts organizations
Funding Categories
General Operating Support
Professional Performances
Services to the Field
Regrants and Partnerships Support

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