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Museums allow us to experience great art, to discover stories about objects, and to explore worlds both new and familiar. Within museums, arts and cultural activities may be very diverse. Yet at their heart is an emphasis on the exhibition and interpretation of art, objects or an historic space.

NYSCA advances museums and related professional service organizations by offering support for arts, cultural and heritage activities. The Museum Program underscores the importance of clear planning to foster stronger institutions, and encourages creative thinking to better serve the public.

Image: Touring  the  Wilson  Gallery  featuring  art  from  post  WWII, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY. Courtesy of MAG.
Program Goals
Recognize excellence in museums engaged in arts and cultural activities.
Encourage creativity.
Foster life-long learning through museums.
Expand audiences for museums.
Recognize strong leadership and institutional management.
Support non-profit organizations providing opportunities for museum professionals.
Funding Categories
General Operating Support
Project Support
Regrants and Partnerships

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