Arts Education

NYSCA’s Arts Education Program cultivates the creativity of all New Yorkers, from preschoolers to seniors, in both school and community settings. Arts instruction empowers students of all ages and backgrounds to build hands-on skills in a range of disciplines, such as mastering a musical instrument, experimenting with a collage technique or learning a new dance choreography.

Through the creative process, arts learners build a greater understanding of self and community and make connections across history and cultures. Arts education programs develop artistically literate citizens, who have the knowledge, skills and understanding to actively engage in the arts throughout their lives. Arts literacy also fosters connections between the arts, and between the arts and other academic disciplines.

Image: National Dance Institute’s in-school program at Mott Hall, Bronx, NY. Photo by Angel Gardner.
Program Goals
Provide students of all ages and abilities throughout New York State with arts learning experiences of enduring quality through sustained, multi-session, hands-on processes
Promote high-quality arts teaching through the incorporation of recognized arts learning standards, along with strong evaluation and assessment components
Strengthen the state’s arts ecosystem with an emphasis on fair compensation and meaningful professional development opportunities for teaching and resident artists
Encourage innovation and sharing of knowledge in the changing arts education environment by supporting unique partnerships and exceptional field services.
Funding Categories
General Operating Support
Community Based Learning
K-12 In-School Programs
Services to the Field
Regrants and Partnerships

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