Sandra Erbacher on Bureaucratic Systems

For this public program in conjunction with the current ISCP exhibition 'Paperwork: Administrative Practice in Contemporary Art,' artist Sandra Erbacher will speak about 'The Return of History,' her newly-commissioned work in the exhibition, as well as her long-term interest in the open office plan’s relation to disciplinary power. Erbacher’s presentation will be followed by a conversation with the exhibition’s curator Kari Conte.

'The Return of History' foregrounds a group of executive office desks produced in the 1970s and 1980s by the German company Ensslen, which were given names such as Euroform, Euroboss and Euroflex, conveying optimism for the European project of a bygone era. This series of three large-format photographs questions Europe’s hegemonic ideology and interrogates the idea of truth in the context of corporate and government administrations. It also considers how archives are embedded in bureaucratic systems, organized according to bureaucratic principles, and serve institutions.
6:30 to 8:00
International Studio & Curatorial Program
Ticket Price: FREE

1040 Metropolitan Avenue
1040 Metropolitan Avenue
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