El crédito

Running time:1 hr 40 min. Intermission: 15 min.
Recommended for adult audiences

The play presents an unforgettable story of an ordinary man and his attempts at being granted a small bank loan that is absolutely necessary for him to continue on with his life. He cannot offer any guarantees or properties, only his word of honor and a promise that he will eventually pay back every single penny. The rejection of the loan by the Branch Manager leaves them both in a very delicate and hilarious situation. In typical fashion, playwright Jordi Galcerán (author of Burundanga) surprises his audiences with twists and turns until the end.

Performed in Spanish with English subtitles via Simultext® In-Seat Captioning System.
Repertorio Espanol
new york, NY

138 E 27th st
new york, NY 10016
United States

(212) 225-9999