Before you begin your application

NYSCA funds the full range of visual, literary, performing, folk and media arts and also provides dedicated support for arts education, individual artists, economic development through the arts, and programs reaching underserved populations. On our Programs pages, you can download guidelines that provide a detailed description of what we fund and include questions you will need to answer if you apply. You can also visit our Map to see what grantees are near you and our Blog to read about specific grantees.

General Operating Support applicants are evaluated on the holistic strength of the organization rather than a specific project offering, leaving more areas open to scrutiny. If a first-time applicant is very strong, it may be eligible for GOS. However, most applicants receive Project Support first.

NYSCA funds interdisciplinary projects and organizations every year. If you are unsure of what Program your application would be best suited to, please reach out to our Program Staff before the application period opens.

Yes, but not directly. NYSCA can only accept applications from non-profit organizations but encourages organizations to sponsor grant requests on behalf of artists.

Any non-profit organization can serve as a sponsoring organization. To review a list of organizations that have served as fiscal sponsors, visit our website and search Past Grants in the Individual Artists and Architecture + Design Programs.

NYSCA hosts seminars throughout the state each year to review guidelines in each program. Attend the seminar closest to you to meet our Program Staff and Executive Team.

Program Staff can share panel ratings and comments with applicants, which can help you see strengths and weakness of your application and enable you to submit a stronger application in the future.

In FY19, organizations are typically limited to two grant requests each, but there are exemptions to this limit. Each ongoing multi-year grant counts as one request.

To renew a multi-year grant:

  1. Make sure your NYSCA final reports are submitted; you will not be able to renew if you have outstanding, overdue reports

  2. Make sure you’re Prequalified (unless exempt)

  3. Register at arts.ny.gov by March 21

Creating Accounts and Registering to Apply

To apply to NYSCA, you need to create accounts with NYSCA and Grants Gateway. Visit step 1 of our application guide to learn more.

You must be registered with NYSCA and Grants Gateway at least 10 days before the application deadline. View Step 3 of our application guide to learn more.


Prequalification is the process by which New York State reviews’ prospective grantee and vendor organizational and fiscal capacity and integrity. All NYSCA applicants must be Prequalified at least 5 days before the application deadline.

Not yet! You need to submit your document vault by clicking the button in the middle of the page. Read more about submitting and receiving notification of your Prequalification status.

Applying through Grants Gateway

The New York State Grants Gateway serves as the primary outlet for State agencies to post upcoming and available funding opportunities. NYSCA uses Grants Gateway as the portal for our application process. Prospective grantees apply, Prequalify and register with Grants Gateway and must also register on the NYSCA site.

When you log into Grants Gateway, you will be assigned the role of Grantee Delegated Administrator. However, you must be logged in as Grantee System Administrator or Grantee Contract Signatory to submit your application. Learn how to add a new role in section 4 of our Application Guide.

Support materials will be uploaded in the Program-Specific Questions portion of the application. If you get an error message, remember that support materials need to be uploaded as a single PDF. You can combine files into one PDF using Adobe Acrobat, Preview (Mac), or 3rd-party programs such as PDF Joiner.

The NYSCA Project Budget Form requests information about revenue and expenses for the entire project, including non-NYSCA funds. The Grants Gateway Expenditure Budget outlines how the organization plans to use the NYSCA grant request. Applicants must complete both budgets.

The budget notes help panelists clearly understand how you will execute your project. The more information you can provide here, the better — we don’t recommend leaving this blank.

You can verify that your application was submitted by clicking on the Details link and seeing your Current Status now shows Assignment of Reviewers. You will also receive an email verifying its submission.

Write to GrantsGatewayHelp@its.ny.gov.

Please note: this address is only for Grants Gateway issues and not for questions about NYSCA’s Programs or Guidelines. NYSCA’s help desk is also available for non-Gateway technical questions.


Managing Your Grant

Grantees are required to complete reports on their use of grant funding and credit NYSCA in all public materials. Read more.

Contact NYSCA’s Help Desk or Operations Team.

All grantees will receive accounts to be entered into the Statewide Financial System, the central location for distribution of New York State funds. If your contact information, organization name or banking information changes, you will need to update your account.