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***ONLY applicants to NYSCA's 15 Programs should follow this step. Applicants to the REDC initiative, Large Capital Fund and Mid-Size Capital Fund apply through the Consolidated Funding Application. All applicants need to Prequalify with New York State.***

Log in to the NYSCA System

Log in to the NYSCA system using your NYSCA account username and password.

NYSCA registration screenshot
Complete Organization Information Form

To begin the registration process, select Organization Info on the left navigation bar.

Complete the Organization Info questions. If you are a returning applicant, update and/or verify the information on each page. Use the Save and Next buttons to move through the required questions.

Upon completing the Organization Information, click Submit. You may review all your answers on one screen using the Review/Print button. 

Tip: If you are unsure how to answer a question, click on the underlined questions for help.
Organization Info screenshot
Complete Organization Budget Form

Next, select Organization Budget on the left navigation bar. Click Edit Org Budget to begin. Fill in all fields of the budget form, using zeroes where applicable. Use the Save and Next buttons to move through the required questions. 

Upon completing the Organization Budget, click Submit. You may review all of your answers on one screen using the Review/Print button.


Organization Budget Screenshot
Complete Registration Form

To begin the Registration Form, click Edit Your Registration Form, then click Continue at the bottom of the registration intro page. 

If you have any ongoing multi-year grants, you will be asked to report any significant changes to your awarded activities.

To register a new request, click Begin New Project. Complete the Registration questions. Use the Save and Next buttons to move through the required questions. 

Upon submitting your Registration form, a pop-up will appear confirming submission and providing your Project ID. This Project ID will be required in the Grants Gateway application.

The website will then redirect to your Projects Page, where you can review all registered projects and register additional requests. For your reference, all of your organization's current Project IDs will be displayed on this page.

Edit Registration Form Screenshot
Register Any Additional Requests

If you need to register another request, click Begin New Project. If you are registering a Sponsored Request, locate the applicable Sponsored Request Form by clicking on the Program Name.

Read about request limits and exemptions.


Who Is Eligible

NYSCA accepts grant applications from New York-based non-profit organizations, units of municipal government, and Native American tribes. Read more about our specific eligibility requirements before you apply.



Prequalify and apply for NYSCA funding through the Grants Gateway.



Make sure you’re registered on the NYSCA site and that your organization information is up to date.