Create Your Accounts

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To begin the NYSCA application process, you will need to create accounts to log into the NYSCA website and the Grants Gateway Opportunity Portal.

Create Your Accounts

If you are a returning applicant and have already set up your accounts, please skip to Step 2, Prequalify. If you are a new applicant, enter your organization's legal name and FEI number here to begin creating your NYSCA account.

Create Account
Set up your NYSCA Account

When you have entered the requested information, if you receive a message that your ID is already in the system, please click the help button for assistance. If you are not in the system, you will receive instructions to download a New Applicant Account Creation Form.

Submit your New Applicant Account Creation Form

Submit the form via email, fax, or mail, according to the instructions at the bottom of the form. When your account is created, you will receive an email from NYSCA with your username and password.

Create Your Grants Gateway Account

To create your Grants Gateway account, visit the Grants Reform Website and click Grantees. Download a copy of the Registration Form for Administrator via the menu on your left. A signed, notarized original form must be sent to the address provided in the instructions. Within five days you will be provided with a Username and Password allowing you to access the Grants Gateway.

Create Grants Gateway Account Screenshot

Who Is Eligible

NYSCA accepts grant applications from New York-based non-profit organizations, units of municipal government, and Native American tribes. Read more about our specific eligibility requirements before you apply.



Prequalify and apply for NYSCA funding through the Grants Gateway.



Make sure you’re registered on the NYSCA site and that your organization information is up to date.